Thursday, 25 September 2014

Concept the square smartphone with the rotary keyboard

BlackBerry company is experiencing perhaps the most difficult period in its history. Some spiteful critics have rushed to bury alive the Canadian manufacturer, although he continues to work and is even planning a small revolution. And the products BlackBerry are still interested the loyal fans of the brand, which is confirmed by the independent worthy concepts.
The new concept called BlackBerry L, it’s really interesting project. The smartphone made on slewing structure connecting the two halves of device. Located on top of the large touch-screen display, on which can with all the comfort perform  most of the most popular operations. And when the need to do something more serious, for example, to type the text, it is useful the other half shell, on which is placed a mechanical keyboard.
On the technical characteristics BlackBerry L, unfortunately, reported nothing, and they of particular value in this work do not have. In the near future, we recall, is preparing for the announcement of a revolutionary smartphone BlackBerry Passport. Perhaps he would be a revolutionary for life-saving product the Canadian brand. Concept BlackBerry L offers the same features, but at a much more modest dimensions.Future technology Concept the square smartphone with the rotary keyboard

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Control Your Emotions

Emotions are the most present, pressing and sometimes painful force in our lives. We are driven day by day by our emotions. We take chances because we're excited for new prospects. We cry because we've been hurt and we make sacrifices because we love. Without a doubt, our emotions dictate our thoughts, intentions and actions with superior authority to our rational minds. But when we act on our emotions too quickly, or we act on the wrong kinds of emotions, we often make decisions that we later lament.
Our feelings can alter between dangerous extremes. Veer too far to the left and you're bordering on rage. Steer too much to the right and you're in a state of euphoria. As with many other aspects of life, emotions are best met with a sense of moderation and logical perspective. This is not to say that we should stop ourselves from falling in love or jumping for joy after great news. These truly are the finer things in life. It is negative emotions that must be handled with extreme care.

Coffee hot everywhere-concept

iCup is an innovative concept specially designed for Apple that can heat up any drink inside the cup by connecting it with the user’s notebook, as well as any device that supports USB connection, via a USB cable  anywhere. The key goal of the project is to ease life with more manageable features that ensure uninterrupted working opportunity, doesn’t matter the user goes to the park, library or working in the office. The featured Apple logo of the cup is actually a heat indicator that shows the temperature of the inside content, blue for cool, orange for warm and pink for hot, while enhancing the aesthetics. Moreover, it incorporates a displaceable handle that offers convenient fit into any small area and the changeable upper portion allows easy washing.
Coffee hot everywhere-concept1

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Strong Relationship - Things That You Must Do Together

  1. Have a Healthy Relationship Step 12.jpg
    Revive date-night. Going on dates, even if you've been in a relationship for years, is still important. In fact, it's especially important for couples who have been together long enough to grow comfortable. Try to go on a date at least once every month. Some couples make it a priority to go on one date every week.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Nokia Concept Phone Runs on Coke

As a general rule, cell phone batteries are costly, resource-intensive, and difficult to dispose of properly. So why not ditch them and run our cell phones on soda? That’s the thinking behind designer Daizi Zheng’s concept phone for Nokia. Instead of running on traditional batteries, the concept phone uses a bio battery
that generates electricity from carbohydrates.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Google Nexus 360 is a Smartphone or Smartwatch

 Future technology Google Nexus 360 is a Smartphone or  Smartwatch
Concept smartphone for the next generation of technology. Though the design and hardware is not yet possible (at lease for mass manufacturing), the concept visualizes how the smartphone, which is completely flexible, can bend around to convert/transform itself as a smartwatch.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Concept of a smartphone LG G4 under Windows Phone 9

Diligence and perseverance LG could still bring mobile division profit, though not very large. Flagship brand from the Korean manufacturer is more than popular, and even Google these brands has made samples smartphones, including the line of Nexus. This means that in the near future we should expect from LG and mobile phone under Windows Phone.
Thus was born the concept of a smartphone LG G4 running the new software platform, Windows Phone 9, presumably, analog of models with Android. Specifications mobile phone is really very encouraging, it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 with a powerful processor and 4 GB of RAM. Key module OS is the brand assistant Cortana, range of functions which significantly expanded.
Other features of LG G4 include 4K-display (3840×2160 pixels) on a flexible OLED-panel. Power supply capacity battery performs at 4000 mAh, there are also basic 16-megapixel main and a 5-megapixel front camera for self. It is possible that Microsoft will slightly change the design of Windows Phone 9, for example, the tile could easily get a 3D-effects.Future technology Concept of a smartphone LG G4 under Windows Phone 9

Strong Relationship -Things You Must Do Independently

Take responsibility for your own happiness. Save yourself several hours of arguing by remembering this one rule: it's not up to anyone else to make you happy. In a relationship your partner will try to please you and make you happy but in the end you are responsible for your happiness. 
Make good on your words. Follow through on your promises. When you say you're going to do something, do it. Don't say that you'll cook dinner, or get a birthday present, and then blow it off or simply forget about it. What this does is systematically destroy trust. And relationships need trust in order to thrive.
  1. Have a Healthy Relationship Step 3.jpg 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Motorola's New Smartwatch Isn't Awesome Enough

Motorola's New Smartwatch Isn't Awesome Enough

The current state of the smart watch market has given me an earworm: Van Halen’s 1980 masterpiece (yes) Everybody Wants Some!! The question is, who is “everybody?” It makes sense if we’re talking about technology companies, since all the big players , Google , possibly Apple are coming out with smart watches. Motorola announced its newest, the Moto 360, on Thursday.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Modern Hobbit Hole House

Modern Hobbit Hole House

Dutch architecture firm SeARCH and Christian Müller Architects collaborated to build a home embedded into a hillside in Vals, Switzerland.
Modern Hobbit Hole House
Modern Hobbit Hole House
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For many of us horror things are just the film attributes or at least the elements of Halloween celebration. However, in the world there are places that attract the lovers of adrenalin and horror stories. For normal people such shows curdle the blood so that the only desire appeared is to run away aimlessly.
However, some adventurers all over the world want to visit as many terrible places as possible.

Mount Washington


The nature there is really beautiful, but to be on Mount Washington, which is arranged on the north-eastern United States, is really scary. The peak height is only 1917 meters, but for the great part of the visitors its top is almost even more dangerous than the Mount Everest’s one.
Winter Tale of Mount Washington is deadly for casual travelers and photographers.


Danakil Desert
Everybody who has already been there called Danakil desert, which is situated in northern Ethiopia “The Hell on Earth”.
There is almost no breathing oxygen over volcanic wasteland, all people have to breath the hot air, saturated by malodorous gases born by boiling ground and melting stones.
Travel through the desert of Danakil is harmful to health. The heat of 50 degrees Celsius, the risk of stepping on awakening volcano with crimson lava and boiling are not all the troubles. Also you can inhale sulfur vapor and die in tortures. Furthermore, in the Afar region of Ethiopia the aboriginal tribes periodically go on the warpath for water and food. Ten-years-old boys with guns are able to kill you anywhere and anytime.
The main and the largest city of eastern New Guinea is Port Moresby which is now considered to be the most dangerous capital of the world.
The Capital of Cannibals' grandchildren
The people there are called Papuans. And we don’t advice you to meet them anywhere. Why? – Because usually they hide in the woods and kill strangers for food. The explanation of this behavior is rather simple. – It is due to protein deficiency in their traditional everyday diet. Spoiled by Australian generous handouts, The matter’s that Aborigines (the most part of them) don’t want to work, and even if they want, they aren’t able to find any job. So they have only one choice – to join to the gang and to earn money for so desirable things: cheap booze, girls of easy virtue and low-quality drugs. People are killed in Port Moresby 3 times more than in Moscow.


Aokigahara… That is the name for an old-growth forest at the very foot of sacred Mount Fuji. But people come there not for mushrooms, not to barbecues.
The forest of cultural suicides
They want to say a big goodbye to their life. It isn’t an accident. – For some time the place of Aokigahara has been chosen by Japanese suicides.
The approximate calculation of those who gone into the woods in order to kill himself (herself) is minded since the early 1950s. For half a century poor Aokigahara has taken the bodies and the souls of more than 500 poor volunteers.
In the 1970s, the problem attracted the nationwide attention and since that period of time t
he government units are sent to clean the forest from “fresh” corpses. The place area is 35 square kilometers. For the year on trees from 70 and up to 100 suicides appear again.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nasty People Use And How To Avoid Them

Nasty people – also known as invalidators – have a way of lowering our self-esteem. In this article, I would like to share with you 10 methods of nasty people and how to avoid them.
As we explore these methods, you will come to have a more understanding an awareness about the people in your everyday life.

1. They Keep You Uncertain

One of the methods of an invalidator is to keep you in a state of uncertainty. You never know when they might explode and do something to upset you.
,For example, you may become understanding of one and other, share a laugh, and build trust. Things can stay this way for a period of time, but then out of nowhere, the invalidator makes you feel uncertain again.

To Deal With Difficult People

Nobody likes difficult people, we call them many things, including, “Rude customers”, “Annoying friends”, “Family who don’t understand you”, “Spoiled girlfriend,  “Arrogant boss”, to name a few.
It can be pretty aggravating and upsetting even when you encounter such people, especially when you didn’t do anything at all to deserve this rudeness.
It’s then easy to dwell in negative thinking, like, “What did I do to deserve this? Life is so unfair!” or “I hate him (or her)!” But that’s too easy. If you want a better way to deal with difficult people, put in the effort to rather use following 5 tips.
Remember, reacting in an average way is easy. Being difficult and also taking your problems out on others is also easy. Go the hard route for a better life.

1. Realize that they may be suffering and put yourself in their shoes

When you encounter a difficult person, try to put yourself in their shoes. Difficult people are only being difficult because they’re suffering.
Instead of judging them, Listen to them. If you’re patient enough, listen to the difficult person’s problems after he’s done being difficult. If you’re not, then listen to your gut, instincts and what others have to say.
For example, your girlfriend or boyfriend may be acting difficult to you, but after listening, you may discover that they’re trying to get your attention because they really need you. They aren’t taking you for granted or intentionally being a brat.
The whole idea is to make sure that you don’t react impulsively on a negative level. Once you have a better understanding of where they’re coming from, you probably won’t feel so upset about them.

2. Realize they are not bad people, they are just difficult

I used to work in the service line in the nightlife industry before. And it was filled with difficult customers. It really made me miserable almost every working night as I had to deal with rude people all the time.
One night, my supervisor told me this, “These people are not bad people, rich and arrogant monsters, or your enemies. They’re just difficult customers.”
That helped me a lot. It’s easy to ride the negative thought train and start getting paranoid. But don’t board that train. It’s just going to end up in a wreck. Difficult people are simply difficult people. With that in mind, find that one solution to deal with them.
E.g. I went from thinking, “This customer is so annoying! I wish I could punch him” to “This is just another difficult person. I’ll do my job the best way I can anyway.” See the difference?

3. Don’t react too fast. Be the bigger person.

You will most likely react negatively to a difficult person because you will talk back or even fight.
You’ve got to learn when to be quiet. It may sound like you’re giving in, but the whole idea here is to be the bigger person. The difficult one is long gone and far from being the bigger person.
This idea may sound counter-intuitive and hard, but nobody said being the bigger person is easy. 
You take the reins inyour hands. People will respect you more that way. You’ll also grow as person a lot faster as you will know that you now will able to go through difficult times without causing any real trouble.

4. Focus intensely on being yourself so you don’t become like them

The last thing you want to happen is to become like them. The best revenge is always leading your own life and showing others how awesome and capable you are. Again, to react negatively and ultimately becoming difficult yourself is very easy. I doubt you want that.
So keep reflecting inwards instead. Think about how the situation can improve your life rather than how you can get back at them or make them suffer.
Difficult people may be difficult and annoying, but your life shouldn’t be made difficult because of them. Your life is your own

5. Know when to end the relationship entirely

There’re two schools of thought here.
Sometimes, you should end the relationship with a difficult person because you owe it to yourself to live in a positive environment. A negative environment doesn’t do you any good and a positive one can transform your life for the better almost instantaneously.
There’s honestly no excuse to be in a negative environment filled with difficult people. You don’t need any of that nonsense!
Secondly, sometimes ending the relationship is better for both you and the difficult person in question.
I’ve personally fallen out with a few friends because I know they need it. I believe that they need to make their own mistakes in order to grow. To stick around and allow them to be difficult is simply allowing them to fuel their own negative energy and take those around them for granted. They’ll never learn that way.
So if you care enough, dump them. Walk away and let them grow. It’s for the best.

The Simplest Ways To Clean Up The Toxins In Your Body

Our bodies are pretty good at naturally filtering out any toxins we might ingest or breathe in, but sometimes they need a little help. .

1. Cut processed foods out of your diet.

Fruits, veggies, unprocessed whole grains, and lean meats should be the only things you eat. This helps your body recover from some of the junk food you’ve been eating (don’t worry, we all do it!). By removing highly processed foods from your diet, you’re also cutting out excess fat, sodium, sugar, and, often, ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup. Unprocessed food will cleanse your body and leave you feeling awake and alert (and might just help you shed some pounds in the process).

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Things You Don’t Know About Beer

From the steins of Germany to Japan’s world-class Sapporo, humanity loves its beer. We’ve been making it for millennia — so long ago that we’re not exactly sure which culture came up with it first (or if there was a “first”). The Chinese were brewing the stuff 9,000 years ago out of rice, honey, and fruit, while the barley variety cropped up in the Middle East at least 5,000 years ago. Then we got to the Middle Ages, and that whole “hops” thing really took off.
If you’re a connoisseur yourself, you know your favorite brands and whether you prefer light or dark, but do you know the details of beer’s fascinating history? A beverage this significant can’t have it’s frothy history forgotten. Let’s start with this info graphic featured on the Huffington Post:
Now you’ve had your history lesson, plus a few extra tidbits about beer’s beneficial properties. There’re a lot more good things about beer that that info graphic left unsaid, so here’s another one from so you can tell your nagging partner/family member/friend that you’re totally just taking your medicine, man!
Maybe you’re only a casual beer drinker, and while these history and health facts are interesting, you want to know more about the innumerable varieties of beer. Don’t worry, the varieties are actually quite numerable! Betty Crocker even made this handy guide so you can explore beers for your own taste without knowing much about their differences. And you thought that company was just good for cakes…
Alright, you've got your beer(s) of choice, now what do you put them in? Certain glass designs are actually better for specific things like maintaining beer’s temperature or keeping all that delicious foam contained. Or you might just want to try some different glasses for fun, I won’t judge. Your comprehensive guide to beer glasses has arrived, thanks to Central Restaurant Products:
Last, but certainly not least, is the all-important question of what food goes best with your beer. You don’t have to be a foodie to know or care about this stuff, it’s practically essential knowledge for any beer-drinker. With this food pairing info graphic from, you’ll always have the best chow to compliment your brew. Bottoms up!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Mistakes That are Costing You Your Friendships

 You don’t keep your word.

This mistake is often subtle. Most of us don’t lie outright to our friends. Instead, you may find yourself saying yes to a request when you should say no. This is usually driven by fear of offending a friend or jeopardizing a relationship. The unhappy irony, of course, is that saying yes and not following through can be more harmful to the relationship than saying no upfront.
The solution: Don’t agree to do something if you are unlikely to follow through. It is hard to turn your friends down. The key to doing it well is to simply be upfront and explain why you cannot commit to the request. True friends will respect you for your honesty and will stick around.

 You take more than give in the relationship.

Again, most of us don’t consciously scheme on how to leverage a friend’s position, status, or personality traits for personal gain. We don’t think, “How can I take advantage of John’s generosity today?”
We exploit our relationships, often without being aware, in less obvious ways. You may find yourself constantly offloading your burdens to a friend while taking very little time to listen to his. You may get upset when he don’t call as often as you’d like, but never pick up the phone yourself. When you go out for lunch dates, you seldom offer to pay for the meal. In these and other little ways, you are in danger of overdrawing what Stephen Covey calls your “Emotional Bank Account.”
In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey describes the Emotional Bank Account as “a metaphor that describes the amount of trust that’s been built up in a relationship.” You make emotional deposits through kindness, courtesy, honesty, and keeping your commitments. You make emotional withdrawals when you disrespect, ignore, threaten, and overreact. This perspective may sound cold and transactional, but Covey argues that awareness of this reality can lead to positive transformation within relationships.
Your average bank account cannot survive constant withdrawals with no deposits. Neither can your friendships.
The solution: Begin to embrace the Emotional Bank Account model. Try to visualize where your account currently stands with your relationship. This is by no means scientific, but if you are honest with yourself you will get a sense of whether you have built up a surplus or are in the deficit zone. If you are in the red, start making deposits by becoming more proactive.

 You’re not vulnerable enough.

Being vulnerable is hard, even among close friends. It means letting go of outward appearances and going deeper. It’s risky but it’s the only path to deepening our friendships.
The solution: Don’t hide weaknesses and struggles. Learn to talk about them freely with your inner circle. Often your ability to open gives the other person permission to be more open himself. People feel privileged when you trust them enough to be vulnerable and will likely treat these moments with utmost respect. Trust and intimacy will skyrocket.

 You don’t stay in touch.

This one happens more easily and frequently than we care to admit. The days and months effortlessly become years. Eventually, we become afraid to get in touch due to fears of being rejected.
The solution: The truth is that most of us are busy. Our friends are more forgiving than we think. They may even be struggling with similar fears. End the standoff. Just pick up the phone and call. Send a text. You might be amazed at how quickly they respond.

 You’re more concerned about keeping up appearances rather than developing the relationship.

We all compare ourselves to others naturally, even subconsciously. This is true among good friends. We compare our jobs, clothes, cars, income, significant others, and the list goes on. This is natural and expected, to some extent. The problem arises when we are constantly chasing our friends who always seem to have more of what we have.
The solution: Go back to basics. What common values brought you together? What do you value most about this person? You were likely drawn to this person for who they are rather than what they do or what they have.

Your expectations for the other person are too high.

We often have to adjust our expectations of our friends as our relationships progress due to life changes. Still, we struggle to adjust to new realities and can make the mistake of expecting the same level of commitment from our friends after major life changes. This can lead to misunderstandings and may cause one or both parties to simply walk away from the relationship.
The solution: Prepare yourself for the fact that things will change and that your expectations will need to be adjusted over time. This does not mean that your friendships will be diminished. Approach this reality from a positive viewpoint. Be realistic about what this person can and cannot do for you.

You don’t apologize (sincerely).

We’re all familiar with the insincere apology. We see it in the media among celebrities and politicians caught in wrongdoing. We experience it in our own relationships. You may even practice it yourself.
Here it is in two forms: “I’m sorry if you were hurt by X or Y” or “I’m sorry but you never told me Z.” The key words that make these examples insincere are “if” and “but.” These words shift responsibility from you to the person you are apologizing to. It’s not a true apology and will do little to repair relationships.
If you hurt someone close to you, you've withdrawn a sizable amount of goodwill and trust from your Emotional Bank Account. You must apologize sincerely in order to make a deposit equal to or greater than what you withdrew. You must take full responsibility.
The solution: Commit to eliminating the words “if” and “but” when making an apology. Make this your apology template instead: “I’m sorry for what I did and for hurting you in the process. Will you forgive me?”
None of us are perfect at maintaining our relationships. The key is to become more aware and correct ourselves when we make mistakes. Your most important friendships are worth the effort.

Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More

So how do you train your brain to learn faster and remember more?

1. Work your memory.

Twyla Tharp, a NYC-based renowned choreographer has come up with the following memory workout: when she watches one of her performances, she tries to remember the first twelve to fourteen corrections she wants to discuss with her cast without writing them down. If you think this is anything less than a feat, then think again. In her book The Creative Habit she says that most people cannot remember more than three.
The practice of both remembering events or things and then discussing them with others has actually been supported by brain fitness studies. Memory activities that engage all levels of brain operation—receiving, remembering and thinking—help to improve the function of the brain.

Boeing 727 House

Boeing 727 House

The skeleton of a 1965 Boeing 727 has been integrated into a home’s design in Costa Rica. The old airplane was bought for $2,000 from a San Jose airport resting place, moved in $4,000 and renovated in $24,000.
Boeing 727 House
Boeing 727 House
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In many different countries all over the planet, the number 13 is really thought to be a very unlucky one. People think that it brings diseases, unhappiness and weather disasters, for instance, tornados, floods and abnormal temperature falls and rises.
As a rule, in their ordinary life they are trying to avoid it.
Let’s see some examples.
In France, you can’t find a flat or a house with number 13 on it. You can check it, if you don’t still believe.
But it is not everything. In the US, modern American high-rise buildings don’t have the floor of number 13. Usually 12 follows 14. Of course, it seems like a legend, indeed there is, but still they believe in it.
Where did this kind of fear come from? Why are people afraid of 13?

According to the traditions, the idea goes back at least to ancient Norse mythology. There was a banquet with 12 famous gods. Loki, the angry spirit of evil, suddenly decided to join without being invited. As a result, it was the terrible fight that followed the sad sequel: Balder, the favorite of the gods, was killed.
In Christianity, this theme was repeated at so called the Last Supper. – Why? because Jesus Christ and his apostles numbered 13 people at the table.
But not everything is too bad. In some cultures the number of 13 means good things. For example, the Jewish boy passes ceremony called “Bar and Bat Mitzvah” at the age of thirteen.
In many different countries all over the planet, the number 13 is really thought to be a very unlucky one. People think that it brings diseases, unhappiness and weather disasters, for instance, tornados, floods and abnormal temperature falls and rises.
As a rule, in their ordinary life they are trying to avoid it.
Let’s see some examples.
In France, you can’t find a flat or a house with number 13 on it. You can check it, if you don’t still believe.
But it is not everything. In the US, modern American high-rise buildings don’t have the floor of number 13. Usually 12 follows 14. Of course, it seems like a legend, indeed there is, but still they believe in it.
Where did this kind of fear come from? Why are people afraid of 13?
According to the traditions, the idea goes back at least to ancient Norse mythology. There was a banquet with 12 famous gods. Loki, the angry spirit of evil, suddenly decided to join without being invited. As a result, it was the terrible fight that followed the sad sequel: Balder, the favorite of the gods, was killed.
In Christianity, this theme was repeated at so called the Last Supper. – Why? because Jesus Christ and his apostles numbered 13 people at the table.
But not everything is too bad. In some cultures the number of 13 means good things. For example, the Jewish boy passes ceremony called “Bar and Bat Mitzvah” at the age of thirteen.
Ancient Maya tribes consider 13 to be the lucky number, which brings health and success, they even had 13 months in a year.
Ancient Maya tribes consider 13 to be the lucky number, which brings health and success, they even had 13 months in a year.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Human imagination has always been rich and creative. Sometimes we are capable to such flights of thoughts that even the goosebumps are appearing on the skin.
It isn’t only concerning the activity, but some other spheres as well, for example an art, particularly architecture.
Everybody knows that there are some buildings, which are famous because of their history, sinister appearanceand exciting and at the same time terrified emotions.
Today we are going to speak about five of them.
Winchester Mansion, San Jose, CA 
Winchester Mansion, San Jose, CA 
Magic Winchester Mansion is a huge building, which is associated with a large amount of prejudices.
Many years ago one fortune teller said Sarah Winchester, the heiress to the company making a firearm, that she would be chased by the ghosts of people killed by that kind of weapons. The only escape was to go away from Connecticut to the west and to begin the house building for living.
But Sarah Winchester could not complete it during her lifetime. The great construction began in 1884 in San Jose and lasted for 38 years until Sarah died, because of her nervous disorders.
Today, as it is said, the ghosts of her mental madness are seen inside the walls of the house: along the stairs leading to the ceiling, near the doors that open in the middle of the wall, in spider motifs and in massive chandeliers bizarre shapes. 
Abbey of Thelema, Sicily 
Abbey of Thelema, Sicily 
Aleister Crowley, probably, could be called one of the most evil occultists in the world, and his stone house, stuffed with sacred pagan frescoes hat building once served as the world capital of satanic orgies, at least all thought in such a way in the 20-th of the XIX century.
Abbey turned into a nest of free love. Newcomers had to spend the night in the “room of horrors” where inflated by heroin and marijuana they were looking at the murals depicting heaven, earth and hell.
Today Abbey is half destroyed and overgrown with grass, but several murals with the help of which Crowley terrified his followers have been still preserved.
Wat Rong Khun.Thailand
Wat Rong Khun.Thailand
The very first building, which is distinguished by its enigmatic and mysterious, is black and white temple inThailand. Ithas a very original architecture.
Among the decorative elements of the building there are a lot of avant-garde motifs, and motives of mystical themes.
Many modern travelers notice thatstretching hands resemble hell.
Count Dracula’s Castle.Transylvania. Romania. 
Count Dracula's Castle.Transylvania. Romania.
Obviously, now there are no vampires inside this building. However,Dracula’s Castle looks very mysterious.
The atmosphere that is reigning inside, fascinates with its mysticism and mystery.
When you’re there,it seems that just around the corner a terrible monster is waiting for you to pounce and to pull in the darkest dungeon.
Haunted Prison.Ottawa. Canada
Haunted Prison.Ottawa. Canada
There you can spend the night and sleep injail, feeling yourself as a real prisoner.
However,it will be far not the most pleasant adventure as there are many rumors that at night the ghosts start to wander around the building.The souls of killed bandits are always there.
By the way it was mention that the people prisoned there had committed only the most bloodthirsty crimes.


There is countless amount of restaurants in the world . You can choose anything you like from a wide variety of cuisines and styles. Some are famous for special dishes, another – for music or decor. But also there is a number of the funniest ones. Why? Because they are considered to be the most unusual restaurants in the world.
Dinner in the ice
dinner in the ice
In summer, when we have about +30 or even +40 degrees outside, Ice Restaurant in Dubai (UAE) is a real ice miracle, where everything is made of ice, even the tables and serving.
Also it is possible to dine and even to spend a night in the ice house. But for this purpose you should travel at the other end of the world – to Finland and to visit Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant.
Extreme lovers
Those who have never had the enough quantity of unforgettable emotions are invited to Tokyo to visit a special chain of restaurants called Alkatraz. This dinner will impress anyone, because everything is almost like in the real prison. You will be read your rights, your fingerprints will be taken, you will put on a prison uniform and only after that go to the bars for dinner.
However, the menu is markedly different from the prison’s one.
And if you do not suffer disgust and have already seen all the exotic, you will still be able to surprise in Taipei (Taiwan) in the Toilet Restaurant.
Toilet Restaurant
There is no ordinary chairs, plates or cups inside. Just “toilet” entourage! Even the soup is served in … toilet sink. In general, entertainment is not for the faint of heart.
Sonny, it’s fantastic!
Would you like to visit Mars? Really? – Now in order to realize this dream you don’t need to book a place on the spacecraft, it will be enough to go to New York. In the heart of Manhattan there is a part of the Red Planet – a restaurant called “Mars 2112″.
Interior decoration reminds strongly the “Star Wars” decorations, and the waiters who are working there look like real aliens.
To the world of science fiction you can be immersedin another restaurant – Hajime Robot Restaurant, located in Bangkok (Thailand).
Hajime Robot Restaurant
A real robot will take your order. It will bring the food and wish to enjoy your meal. The administration assures every customer, that their devices are not programmed to perform the option of “rude customer” and “shortchange”. What about taking a tip?
The Hilton Maldives proposes you to have dinner under the scrutiny of sharks and rays. They will literally “eat” you by their eyes, while you are enjoying your meals. And this is not an aquarium! The restaurant is indeed situated under water at a depth of 5 meters. So around there is a real ocean and marine life. The amount of seats inside is limited, you will find only 14 of them.
Hilton Maldives
Only cats and princesses
In Japan, namely in Tokyo, the most popular cafe is intended only for women. It is called “The Princess’ Heart”. Although it is quite spacious and has seats for 110 guests, the tables are always reserved.

Calico Cat Café
It isn’t surprising, because every woman wants to become a princess. Each visitor is sitting on a throne with a personal crown on her head, and the maids service her. By the way, men are not invited there, they are unnecessary at this princess festival!
In Tokyo, there is another unusual cafe named Calico Cat Café. The cafe menu includes … cats! Of course, you won’t eat them, pretty animals will just keep your company at the table. What cute furry creatures they are. They will listen to, take a sweet look and allow to stroke.
Meow Mix Cafe can be visited with your pet. Here you will get food only after ordering something for your cat. And it is strongly recommended to mind the following fact: you and your cat will have the same kind of products, it means that only after ordering your pet some fish, you will be allowed to take some seafood for yourselves.
Meow Mix Cafe
The most romantic dinner ….
A true paradise for romantics is located in New Zealand. Not far from Auckland there is the most romantic restaurant in the world.
Treehouse Restaurant
You can not come here “accidentally”, Treehouse Restaurant works only by reservation. You will see a fantasy world of elves, it’s a cosy place, which is located right on the tree.