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Human imagination has always been rich and creative. Sometimes we are capable to such flights of thoughts that even the goosebumps are appearing on the skin.
It isn’t only concerning the activity, but some other spheres as well, for example an art, particularly architecture.
Everybody knows that there are some buildings, which are famous because of their history, sinister appearanceand exciting and at the same time terrified emotions.
Today we are going to speak about five of them.
Winchester Mansion, San Jose, CA 
Winchester Mansion, San Jose, CA 
Magic Winchester Mansion is a huge building, which is associated with a large amount of prejudices.
Many years ago one fortune teller said Sarah Winchester, the heiress to the company making a firearm, that she would be chased by the ghosts of people killed by that kind of weapons. The only escape was to go away from Connecticut to the west and to begin the house building for living.
But Sarah Winchester could not complete it during her lifetime. The great construction began in 1884 in San Jose and lasted for 38 years until Sarah died, because of her nervous disorders.
Today, as it is said, the ghosts of her mental madness are seen inside the walls of the house: along the stairs leading to the ceiling, near the doors that open in the middle of the wall, in spider motifs and in massive chandeliers bizarre shapes. 
Abbey of Thelema, Sicily 
Abbey of Thelema, Sicily 
Aleister Crowley, probably, could be called one of the most evil occultists in the world, and his stone house, stuffed with sacred pagan frescoes hat building once served as the world capital of satanic orgies, at least all thought in such a way in the 20-th of the XIX century.
Abbey turned into a nest of free love. Newcomers had to spend the night in the “room of horrors” where inflated by heroin and marijuana they were looking at the murals depicting heaven, earth and hell.
Today Abbey is half destroyed and overgrown with grass, but several murals with the help of which Crowley terrified his followers have been still preserved.
Wat Rong Khun.Thailand
Wat Rong Khun.Thailand
The very first building, which is distinguished by its enigmatic and mysterious, is black and white temple inThailand. Ithas a very original architecture.
Among the decorative elements of the building there are a lot of avant-garde motifs, and motives of mystical themes.
Many modern travelers notice thatstretching hands resemble hell.
Count Dracula’s Castle.Transylvania. Romania. 
Count Dracula's Castle.Transylvania. Romania.
Obviously, now there are no vampires inside this building. However,Dracula’s Castle looks very mysterious.
The atmosphere that is reigning inside, fascinates with its mysticism and mystery.
When you’re there,it seems that just around the corner a terrible monster is waiting for you to pounce and to pull in the darkest dungeon.
Haunted Prison.Ottawa. Canada
Haunted Prison.Ottawa. Canada
There you can spend the night and sleep injail, feeling yourself as a real prisoner.
However,it will be far not the most pleasant adventure as there are many rumors that at night the ghosts start to wander around the building.The souls of killed bandits are always there.
By the way it was mention that the people prisoned there had committed only the most bloodthirsty crimes.

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